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Blackbeard Candle

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 Enter a world of intrigue and enigma with our mysterious and alluring scent. Imagine the salty oceanic accords, mingled with the intoxicating aroma of dark musk and sandalwood, filling your space with a balanced and airy fragrance that lingers on your senses. This is not just a candle, but a dark and mysterious journey that will transport you to uncharted waters.

Our scent is perfect for those who seek the unknown and crave the forbidden. It's a perfect gift for him, a man who's not afraid to explore his darkest desires. Our scent is a blend of marine, floral oriental, and spices, with a tantalizing complexity that will keep you guessing.

Smells like: Infused with essential oils, including sweet orange, mandarin, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, clove leaf, clove bud, pine, grapefruit, mentha leaf, cumin, and wheatgerm, our aroma is a concoction of the most exotic and intriguing elements that nature has to offer.

This candle is carefully crafted with the best ingredients.  This candle is carefully blended from Coconut- soy  wax with a  Eco-friendly clean burning , non toxic, and  FSC Certified crackling wooden wicks. 


9.50  oz. Net Weight
40+ Hour Burn Time*

FSC Certified crackling wooden wicks. 
3.75  Tall, 3.25” Wide.

Hand-Poured in the USA

Hand Crafted with the highest quality fragrance oils

Handcrafted with love. 


Safety  Guidance:

Always burn candles within sight. Never burn candles near flammable items. 

Please keep away from children; pets, flammable objects, air vents,  and windows. 

For best results trim wick to 1/4" before every burn. To trim - pinch off the burnt piece  and discard. Do not burn candles longer than 4 hours at a time

Do not move a lit candle . Do not allow wick flame to touch glass

Never leave a candle unattended while burning  stop burning when 1/2" of wax remains 


No Returns Accepted

Handcrafted Item May Vary in Design

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